Here is an uncomfortable issue for conservatives. It has long been pointed out at many stronger sites that European women support refugee intake more than men. Why might this be?
    There is one proposal based on the fact that the majority of the refugees are young men of military age, who have fled the country to save their bacon, rather than women and children, who have been left behind:

    The latest news story has it that older women are cashing in on this flood of young men:

“ There is a growing trend in Austria of middle aged or older women enticing young male asylum seekers with favours and money for sexual gratification and making the young migrant men dependent on them.
During the course of the migrant crisis, a vast majority of the migrants who came to Austria were young men, many of them travelling alone some of them targetted by Islamists, drug gangs and now in Austria, older sex-starved women.
A new report claims that the trend is steadily growing and now many young male migrants depend on these so-called “sugar mamas” for their financial benefits in exchange for sex OE24 reports.
Vienna magazine Biber and Austrian broadcaster ORF both reported on the growing trend claiming that while many older Austrian women have gone on “sex vacations” to African countries in the past to have sexual relations with men there, having sex with asylum seekers in Austria is a new phenomenon.”

     Could it be that we have our long sought out explanation at last? If so, conservatives will have a mighty uncomfortable question to deal with here, one that most men like to leave not addressed, or maybe, un-undressed! It would explain this: